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Prolight at Hot3D

The PROJECT was presented at the IEEE Int. Conference and Expo and the co-located Workshop on Hot topics in 3D (Hot3D) held in Seattle, USA, July 2016. Specifically, Atanas Gotchev (TUT) and Tibor Balogh (HOL) presented position papers at the workshop and participated in a panel devoted to VR vs LF, moderated by Atanas Gotchev. The presentations and the panel were well attended by leading researchers from around the world, which marked a strong dissemination and outreach of the project results.

The workshop program is available here.

3rd Prolight Workshop

Third Prolight workshop on Modern Signal Processing Methods for Ultra-realistic Light-Field Displays

The Third Prolight workshop on Modern Signal Processing Methods for Ultra-realistic Light-Field Displays will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on July 8th 2015 as part of 3DTV-CON-2015.

The workshop’s goal is to bring together people conducting research in the area of light-field content preparation, processing and ultra-realistic visualization for fruitful face-to-face discussions on various topics related with their research interests. At first place, novel results from the Prolight-IAPP project will be presented to the wider audience of 3DTV Conference through a series of presentations. The workshop is opened also for high-quality paper submissions from people outside the project with the aim to intensify the interaction and increase the exchange of knowledge between people directly involved in the project and other interested parties. Papers should be submitted following the requirements of 3DTV-CON 2015. The submission deadline is set to 25 of May, 2015 and the notifications of acceptance will be issued on 1 of June 2015.

For further information, please contact the workshop organizers at

Holografika: Open position for an Experienced Researcher in Hardware Design / Electrical Engineering

Open position for an experienced researcher in the area of ASIC/FPGA design for implementing image processing algorithms for 3D light-field displays at Holografika, for one year. This position is for an Experienced Researcher (ER) in an EU-FP7 Marie Curie Action. The successful candidate should demonstrate experience with FPGA programming and / or ASIC design and related tools, as well as electrical design tools, PCB design incl. high frequency design.

Check here for more details.

Keynote at KEPAF 2015

Peter Tamas Kovacs (ER3) delivered the industrial keynote speech at the KEPAF 2015, which is the 10th edition of the biannual conference of the Képfeldolgozók és Alakfelismerők Társasága (Association of Image Processing and Shape Recognition Experts).

The event attracted approx. 100 participants, representing all Hungarian universities and research institutes having a research group in the above topics.


MPEG participation

Peter Tamas Kovacs (ER3) has recently been appointed as the Head of Delegation (HoD) to MPEG for Hungary.

The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a working group of ISO/IEC in charge of the development of international standards for compression, decompression, processing, and coded representation of moving pictures, audio and their combination.

The activities in MPEG’s Free Viewpoint Television Ad-hoc Group (FTV AhG) are largely in line with PROLIGHT’s objectives, as super-multiview / light field video compression, view synthesis are among the targets of current experiments targeting the future 3D video standard.

Cost action IC1105: 3D-ConTourNet – Malta

Several people from Holografika and TUT attended the work group meeting of the 3D-ConTourNet (3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks) held in Malta, from 11th-12th Dec. 2014. They delivered two presentations related to Prolight-IAPP.

Robert Bregovic: Preprocessing of multi-view content for light field display

Erdem Sahin: Utilization of coded apertures in depth estimation

Prolight @ ICIP 2014


The PROLIGHT project has been represented at the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing in Paris, France during Oct 27-30th, 2014. The coordinator, ER3 and ER8 have attended the event, hosted a joint booth with 3D-ConTourNet at the exhibition area, and presented two papers in two Special Sessions during the conference. The booth featured a small-scale prototype light-field display, which attracted significant attention among conference participants. The booth also served as a meeting point for researchers involved in the areas of light-field and video compression, hosting many interesting discussions.