Ákos Balázs


Recruitment by Holografika:
October 2013 – May 2015
(20 months)


During my PhD studies I have worked on various BMBF and EU projects concerned with various aspects of real-time computer graphics, most notably scene graph systems, geometry processing and real-time rendering. The main topic of my thesis is geometry processing in the context of NURBS curves and surfaces and the integration of such a processing pipeline into a modern scene graph system.

After my PhD studies were complete I worked in the CAD software industry in Germany and in the United Kingdom on geometry processing and modeling first on a high-end visualization software (RTT DeltaGen) and later on a CAD modeling kernel (Parasolid). Since I have joined Holografika Ltd. in late 2013, I have been working on automatic geometric and light calibration for the next generation of light field displays.

Contribution to Prolight-IAPP:

Further development of HoloVizio light field displays (WP3).