Ahmed Chehaibi


Recruitment by Holografika:
February 2016 – December 2016
(11 months)


I received my MSc degree in electronics and industrial networks from the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Kairouan – Tunisia in 2011. Then I spent two years as researcher in the National Engineering School of Sousse – Tunisia where I worked on various projects concerned with various aspects of real-time video processing algorithms and received a National Engineer Diploma in electronics and embedded systems design. Later in 2013, I started working as a Hardware Developer and embedded systems designer in Intelligent Systems for Africa and Asia (ISAA) where I contributed in designing video processing systems for military usage and embedded systems concerned with smart residence technologies and home automation. Since I have joined Holografika Ltd. in February 2016, I have been working on engineering state of the art transmission possibilities for high bandwidth LightField image transportation.

Contribution to Prolight-IAPP:

I am working on engineering the transmission possibilities for high bandwidth LightField image processing (WP3).


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